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With the new addition of our Law Enforcement and Private Investigator Live Webinar Training Division in reference to sexual assault investigations and forensic interviewing, we believe we will reach thousands of investigators worldwide. Sexual assault investigations and interviewing has been overlooked by those in this specialized field and we at ODC look forward to providing any and all investigators with the necessary and needed education and training.

Make sure you sign up for one of over 50+ webinars available to attend. Every week I will be adding new webinars for you to attend so check out all the webinars to ascertain if any of the current and new Live Webinars interest you or your organization. If you have a webinar in the sexual assault investigation and forensic interviewing area that you want to have us offer, please contact us at onedaly@onedaly.com and tell us what is on your mind.

Best regards,

Lawrence W. Daly, MSc, SATPc
Chief Forensic Sexual Assault Educator/Investigator/Expert/Interviewer